Director of Human Resources
Amazing Care Home Health Services 2821 S. Parker Rd., Suite 615 Aurora, CO 80014

Dear Sir or Madam:

I want to express our deep and lasting appreciation for the recent efforts of one of your nurses. The past several months have been rather a trial for my wife and I. Her Father, fell ill last winter, was hospitalized, and landed in the less than agreeable care of the Cherry Creek Nursing Home. Seeing him back in his home, no easy undertaking, was our paramount desire. We couldn't have done it without (name withheld).

(name withheld) is a gem. Her competence, geniality, and ready laugh were the linchpins supporting our necessary fiction that all would resolve itself happily. I believe she injected a note of cheerfulness into (name withheld) final days. Her care for him was conscientious and compassionate, and her unflagging sense of humor helped us all through a difficult time. I only hope you realize what a wonderful person you have in your employ.

Old (name withheld) passed away in mid February, waiting until his daughter returned to California. I was thus placed in the unfamiliar role of deathbed companion. Were it not for (name withheld) unflappable demeanor and professional bearing, to say nothing of her musical laughter, I wouldn't have survived the ordeal with much sanity intact. Please extend to her once more our heartfelt thanks.

I hope this letter finds its way into (name withheld)'s file, a vote of confidence in her career. I thank you for your time. You people do marvelous work.


(name withheld)

Anonomous, Amazing Care Client