Dear Mr. Lowry,

Although my letter is very tardy in relation to the dates of service, it is a must that I do respond to the services I did receive from your company.

Due to having a total knee replacement surgery this past Feburary, 2006, I was in need of in home nursing care for INR stability, infection control and wound care. I also needed physical therapy and occupational therapy.

All these needs were expeditiously and efficently tended to. Both my wife and I were very impressed with the professionalism of the staff that attended me. In particular, they kept my surgeon updated with all aspects of my recovery, a rare and commendable attribute in this day and age.

Follow up calls by your director of nursing was greatly appreciated and made me feel that I did indeed have a" team on my side" Any insurance questions that arose were handled by your company in a very precise and prompt manner. I did not have to deal with any claims at all. What a blessing, while one is recovering. In this day and age, all too often one only hears the complaints or concerns of a patient. I thought that it was important to send my sincere thanks to you and your staff for a much appreciated job well done.

Respectfully Yours
(Name Withheld)

Anonomous, Amazing Care Client