Founded in Aurora, Colorado in 2004 for the soul purpose of providing outstanding medical care to those in need. Since our inception we have built our name on the quality of our services. Here is a letter we received soon after opening our doors.

November 8th 2004

Dear: Arthur Lowry

My mother and I were discussing all of the wonderful people that worked with her for you company, including yourself. We were trying to figure out the best way to describe such astounding individuals. How Ironic that a word used to describe great people is also in the name of your company at which they all work (amazing). They have been angels to us, as none of this work would have been accomplished without their dedication.

If you ever wanted to add anything to the name of your company, I would suggest "angel" because you would be describing just how great the employees of Amazing Care are.

My Mother is doing fine and we just want to say thank you and God Bless!


Amazing Care Client

Anonomous, Amazing Care Client