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providing outstanding home health care services to those in need

Amazing Care was founded in Aurora, Colorado in 2004, for the sole purpose of providing outstanding medical care to those in need. Since our inception we have built our name on the quality of our services.
Dear: Arthur Lowry

My mother and I were discussing all of the wonderful people that worked with her for you company, including yourself. We were trying to figure out the best way to describe such astounding individuals. How Ironic that a word used to describe great people is also in the name of your company at which they all work (amazing). They have been angels to us, as none of this work would have been accomplished without their dedication.

If you ever wanted to add anything to the name of your company, I would suggest “angel” because you would be describing just how great the employees of Amazing Care are.

My Mother is doing fine and we just want to say thank you and God Bless!

– Anonomous, Amazing Care Client
November 8th, 2004

Dear Sir or Madam:

I want to express our deep and lasting appreciation for the recent efforts of one of your nurses. The past several months have been rather a trial for my wife and I. Her Father, fell ill last winter, was hospitalized, and landed in the less than agreeable care of the Cherry Creek Nursing Home. Seeing him back in his home, no easy undertaking, was our paramount desire. We couldn’t have done it without [name withheld].

[Name withheld] is a gem. Her competence, geniality, and ready laugh were the linchpins supporting our necessary fiction that all would resolve itself happily. I believe she injected a note of cheerfulness into [name withheld] final days. Her care for him was conscientious and compassionate, and her unflagging sense of humor helped us all through a difficult time. I only hope you realize what a wonderful person you have in your employ.

Old [name withheld] passed away in mid February, waiting until his daughter returned to California. I was thus placed in the unfamiliar role of deathbed companion. Were it not for [name withheld] unflappable demeanor and professional bearing, to say nothing of her musical laughter, I wouldn’t have survived the ordeal with much sanity intact. Please extend to her once more our heartfelt thanks.

I hope this letter finds its way into [name withheld]’s file, a vote of confidence in her career. I thank you for your time. You people do marvelous work.

– Anonomous, Amazing Care Client

The staff that took care of my dad was great. He had OT, PT, CNA, nurses and was grumpy a lot but they still did their jobs.

– Martin, Amazing Care Client

Dear Mr. Lowry,

Although my letter is very tardy in relation to the dates of service, it is a must that I do respond to the services I did receive from your company.

Due to having a total knee replacement surgery this past Feburary, 2006, I was in need of in home nursing care for INR stability, infection control and wound care. I also needed physical therapy and occupational therapy.

All these needs were expeditiously and efficently tended to. Both my wife and I were very impressed with the professionalism of the staff that attended me. In particular, they kept my surgeon updated with all aspects of my recovery, a rare and commendable attribute in this day and age.

Follow up calls by your director of nursing was greatly appreciated and made me feel that I did indeed have a “team on my side.” Any insurance questions that arose were handled by your company in a very precise and prompt manner. I did not have to deal with any claims at all. What a blessing, while one is recovering. In this day and age, all too often one only hears the complaints or concerns of a patient. I thought that it was important to send my sincere thanks to you and your staff for a much appreciated job well done.

– Anonomous, Amazing Care Client

[Name withheld], my RN, gives excellent, caring service. She is professional and always on schedule. She does a superior job of filling Rx boxes, ordering Rx and vital signs.

– Client Survey, Amazing Care Client

Thank you for running a top notch nursing agency and for hiring excellent, intelligent and professional staff. My family has recommended your agency to the VA Dr’s, social workers and all therapists.

– Client Survey, Amazing Care Client

Scheduling was completed in a very timely and professional manner. Both the nurse and Physical therapist were timely, courteous and professional.

– Client Survey, Amazing Care Client

My Nurse was not only smart, but also fun to be around.

– Client Survey, Amazing Care Client

Everyone deserves to be healthy and safe at home.

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